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The coverage you need. The service you deserve.

We see this all the time – maybe you own a start-up biotech and need commercial insurance for your proprietary technology and process. Plus, you need a policy with low premiums. Where do you go to get coverage?

You can reach out to your insurance broker whom you’ve used for years for home and auto, but chances are, he or she does not have access to the kinds of specialty carriers who will cover your industry and unique needs. You can go to your local bank, but more often than not, insurance reps at the bank are not interested in servicing an account with lower premiums, leaving you feeling left out and without options.

The Carriers You Know and Trust

We proudly have access to the following insurance carriers:

Turn to Titan.

As specialized experts with dedicated experience in commercial insurance, we take the time to understand your business, its risks and unique needs. Then, we design custom commercial risk management insurance solutions that are tailored to your industry and unique business situation. Get access to specialty insurance carriers who are ready to provide coverage today. Let us design a plan with the exact coverage and limits you need to feel secure and grow with confidence.

Smaller companies, larger companies, start-ups, individual business owners or corporations — we’re here for you. Leverage our commercial expertise and get the workers comp, general liability coverage and specialized business solutions you need.

Partner with insurance experts who specialize in your industry. Partner with Titan. Schedule a consultation by calling (919) 636-3252 or email us today.


Here is a sampling of the industries we support and the types of commercial risk management insurance we offer:

Why partner with Titan?

85% of insurance agents do not know how to cover commercial businesses against risk. We do.

Unlike banks or other captive insurance agents whose fiduciary responsibility is to the companies/carriers they represent, our responsibility is to you — our client. We are an independent insurance brokerage firm and we represent the widest array of specialized insurance carriers who are ready to insure you and your business. Leverage our years of experience in personal and commercial risk management insurance, our expertise in specialized business coverage for biotech, food & beverage, IT, transportation, and many other industries.

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